Why Invest in a Vitamix?

The reasons to buy a Vitamix are vast and varied, but here are a few that I think are most important to juicing:

  • Your fruit & vegetables are pulverized, not strained, providing you with the WHOLE food.  Other juicers strain out the pulp, which strains out the fiber.
  • You eat less with a Vitamix because it takes less food to make the same amount of juice.  Because other juicers are extracting the pulp, it takes more food to juice the same glass of juice.  (This also means the other juicers will have higher sugar levels in their juices.)
  • Vitamix is powerful enough to turn your favorite nuts, like almonds, in to milk
  • Preparing the food for a Vitamix is a cinch!  Anything you would eat whole goes in.  Simple!
  • Clean up is even easier.  Just add a drop of dish soap with water & blend, rinse, and dry.

A friend of mine was recently critical about my purchase of the Professional Series 500 (photo at the start of this post) because of the $649 price tag.  I quickly explained that I have used my Vitamix at least once a day for the last year.  I make all my smoothies in my Vitamix, but I also make breakfast frittatas, guacamole, hummus, peanut butter, herb butter, and applesauce!  If I divided the cost of my Vitamix by the number of times I’ve used it over this last year, it would easily be under $2/day.  That is less than the cost of my latte before work!

All Vitamix machines come with a 7 year warranty.  Using the same cost per day calculation as above, brings the cost of my Vitamix to $0.25 per day!

Ready to get your amazing machine to jump start your juicing health?  Check out my Vitamix Affiliate page to order the right machine for you!


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