What’s the difference between a Detox and a Cleanse?

The terms detox and cleanse are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t really the same thing.  Each has very different methods and intended outcomes:



  • Allows the body to to do the detoxing naturally
  • Stops the influx of toxins and processed foods
  • Supports and improves the body’s detoxification system, flushes whole body
  • Keeps the fiber in the food via smoothie or raw food diet


  • Usually a liquid only diet
  • Stops the influx of toxins and processed foods
  • Focuses on the digestive system to clear out rotten, fermenting food waste and excess mucus lining
  • Improves nutrient absorption in the gut
  • Often supported by supplemental vitamins & minerals


Toxins can be natural and/or synthetic substances that accumulate in tissues and organ systems of the body.  Your body is fully equipped to remove toxins from the body, but we really like things to the limit don’t we?  Even in the most civilized and wealthy living conditions, we are exposed to toxins in our environment, in our food packaging, and sometimes the food itself is the toxin.  From poor eating choices to unintentional environmental exposure, the average person encounters more toxins than it can remove, leading to a build up.  Sometimes we can see this build up in extra weight, damaged skin quality or failing health.  A regular cleanse or detox can help your body “catch up” cleaning out these built up toxins and renew your body’s healthy systems again.

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