The Ancient Spice You Should Be Adding To Your Juice

Ahhhh Cinnamon 🙂  It has a beautifully delicate, yet unmistakeable warm, sweet-spicey aroma that brings joy all the way to your toes.  In ancient times it was “an aroma of divine worship and of sensual luxury.” (Dangerous Tastes, Andrew Dalby)

Today, cinnamon is a common spice that kind of goes with…anything!  Its warmth makes it a cold weather staple.  One of my favorite smoothies, Fig and Grape Cleansing Shake, has a small amount of cinnamon in it, but it is easily the key ingredient that ties it all together, making the drink complete.

Adding a bit of cinnamon to your juicing and blending will also lead to additional health benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels, reducing bad cholesterol levels and possibly even reducing pain associated with arthritis.  It has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that made it a ancient food preservative.  Research from the University of Texas shows that cinnamon may even reduce the proliferation of cancer cells.

A natural chemical, cinnamaldehyde, found in cinnamon, increases progesterone levels and decreases testosterone in women. This helps to balance hormones and can help stimulate menstruation, ease menstrual pain, and aide fertility.

Go ahead, move your cinnamon to the front of your spice rack.  Adding just 1/2 a tsp a day can reap many, many positive health benefits.  But beware, as with all things, moderation is necessary since large amounts of cinnamon can become toxic.  Just a pinch goes a long way 😉

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