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healthy tea infused juice smoothieWhen I learned just how toxic my daily tea habit might be I took a closer look at the ingredients list!  Previously I was drinking any yummy sounding flavor for a health boosting calorie free treat, but what I was really doing was serving myself cups of pesticide residue and some pretty unnatural “natural flavors”.  How upsetting!

Why you should always drink organic tea.

Many of the “natural flavors” in tea is to provide a more pronounced fruit flavor so why not just use the fruit juice?

How To Add Tea To Your Juice or Smoothie


To add tea to your juice, you can brew the tea separately and then add it to your juice (think of an Arnold Palmer) or you can brew your tea right in your juice.

Just like with an Arnold Palmer where you mix equal parts lemonade to black tea, you can brew your tea ahead of time, let it cool and then mix it into your juices.  Doing so will increase the amount of water, making it more hydrating and also reduce the sugar and caloric impact of your drink.  Tea is calorie free so you can add to the flavor without adding to your waistline!

Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

To brew your tea in juice you’ll just need a little more time and patience.  Just like with cold brew coffee, you can allow your tea to mingle with your juice for 4 to 12 hours.  Many people like to do this in the fridge overnight so that it’s ready to go the next day and you slept through all the waiting 😉

Overnight Spiced Black Tea Recipe


Mixing tea into your smoothie can also be done two ways; add the loose tea directly into the blender or brew in advance and use it as your liquid base.  Your method may be dependent on the type of tea you are using.

Adding tea directly to your smoothie is easier for certain teas that come in a powder form, such as matcha.  Just double check what exactly is in your tea before you chuck anything in.  Some teas have added roots or flowers that have medicinal properties that can be too intense if you consume too much, causing adverse effects.

Sweet Green Matcha Smoothie Recipe

By brewing a tea in advance you can better control the strength of your tea, which controls the caffeine levels for your smoothie.  This method also gives you a liquid base so there is no need for additional water, milk (or alternative), or yogurt.  That also means you can cut down on the calories as well!

Vanilla Chai Tea Smoothie

Infusing your juices and smoothies with tea can boost your health benefits with delicious flavor without boosting the caloric or sugar levels!

Are You Drinking The “IT” Tea of 2015?


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