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fruit juice and tea

Tea Infused Juices & Smoothies

  When I learned just how toxic my daily tea habit might be I took a closer look at the ingredients list!  Previously …

Fig & Grape Cleanse Smoothie

Fresh Fig Smoothie

Look at what I found at the store this week! These beauties are black mission figs and they are considered one of …

Nutritious Wet Kale

How To Select & Store Kale

Kale is an autumn/winter vegetable in the cruciferous family that can survive some pretty cold frosts.  So why am I writing about it …


Acne Fighting Green Smoothie

Whenever my diet gets a bit out of balance, my body responds by giving me signals.  The further out of balance, the …


Post Holiday Revival Juices

Did you survive the Thanksgiving holiday? Still feeling the sluggish hangover of those comfort foods? Whether you indulged in an extra helping …