Runner’s Juices: Pickles, Beets, and Cherries

Every seasoned runner has their own special routine that helps them prepare for a race.  What they put into their body is almost as important as the grueling training runs they endure.  Here are a few natural energy drinks to try for your next running race:

Pickle juice prevents cramps

You don’t need a juicer to find that his salty juice contains sodium, potassium and magnesium; very similar to a sports drink you might buy off the shelf.  Pickle juice has vinegar in it as well, which may make it harder to drink, but more effective.  It is unclear which ingredient does the trick, but runners across the country have been using pickle juice for a while now.

Beetroot juice increases stamina

Beets are a beautiful earthy root vegetable that is best known as a blood purifier and aides in red blood cell production.  For those of us who have been out of biology for a while, the red blood cells carry oxygen to our body.  I always feel a rush of energy and blood in my capillaries when I drink beet juice.  This seems only reasonable to accept that drinking beet juice daily will increase our oxygen levels leading to circulatory improvements that will help our endurance and stamina.

Cherry juice for a faster recoveryCherries

Cherry juice is best known for relief of arthritis and gout due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.  It’s those same properties that make it a fantastic post-run drink.  Cherry juice has been shown to help speed recovery from hard workouts by reducing swelling and increasing energy levels.  To make cherry juice, remove the stems and place whole cherries into a blender.  Puree the cherries until it is as liquified as possible.  Then strain the mixture to remove the seeds.  Mix with other juices to get the full benefits of juicing!


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