Post Holiday Detox

It’s these quiet moments after a big event that I stop to reflect. I don’t think that I’m alone when I say that self-discipline was difficult last year.

Being surrounded by traditional comfort foods and excessive amounts of sweets has led to a poor holiday diet. I found myself trying to balance out my system by juggling my intakes of caffeine, salt, sugar, and alcohol.  Sound familiar?

I am grateful, however, that my internal monitoring has been so fine tuned that I notice when just one of these things is slightly out of balance. Eating a clean diet with lots of juicing and blended smoothies for such a length of time has given my body just what it needs to run optimally. When I add a little junk in the system, the body can handle it, but if I continue to add junk, the body gets backed up trying to clear out the mess and get to the nutrients it needs.

Feeling tired, anxious, annoyed, nauseous, angry, or sick for no apparent reason? Check your diet! When the body gets overloaded with junk it must divert its energy to detoxing. The 2 best things you can do are:

  1. stop eating junk
  2. support your organs that actually perform the detox – liver, kidneys, and lungs

To support our detox organs we will need lots of water to flush out the kidneys. Ready for some more good news? All natural juices and smoothies actually include water in them, whether in the fruit, vegetable, or by adding water as a base ingredient. Drinking healthy juices and smoothies along with additional water is extremely hydrating and just what your body needs to flush itself of toxins.

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