New Year, New You?

Healthy ChoiceHow is your year going so far?  Did you make any new year resolutions?

40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions

The most common resolutions include

  • Lose Weight
  • Getting Organized
  • Spend Less/Save More
  • Enjoy Life to the Fullest
  • Staying Fit and Healthy

Only 8% of people  are successful in achieving their resolution

So what’s the problem?  Those common resolutions are vague.  They leave a lot of wiggle room for you to bend the rules and gradually (or quickly for some) they are forgotten all together.

In order to be successful you must know this one often overlooked thing

You must know who you are!

Now before you roll your eyes, consider this….

Who you are defines you and guides your decisions.  If you know who you are, then you know what to do.

Knowing who you are also means you are honest with yourself about your abilities and your shortcomings.  It means that you are dealing with life as it is, not how you want it to be.

If I am a vegan then I don’t have to ponder about eating that hamburger.  I just don’t eat it.

So instead of making yet another empty resolution this year, my goal is to spend a little more time defining who I am and taking a hard look at the areas that need some improvement.  Then, armed with my self-knowledge, setting goals and a plan to see positive changes in myself.

Won’t you join me?

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