New Year ~ New Resolutions ~ New Juices

Happy New Year!  I hope that your new year is off to a healthy and happy start.  Do you have any juicing resolutions for 2012?  I did a quick look back at some of my juicing and thought I could improve on a few things:

  1. More vegetables, less fruits – I am a huge believer that natural sugar is better than any processed type or sugar replacement, however, it’s still sugar.  Many of my staple juices and smoothies from 2011 were high in sugar and I saw my energy levels spike more rapidly than I would like.  For 2012 I resolve to drink more veggies!
  2. Grow 25% of my own produce – The garden has been dug & prepped under a beautiful blanket of snow.  Growing up, my family ate most of our own vegetables out of the garden.  As an adult, I’m never quite satisfied with the taste of store bought produce because it is either treated or genetically altered.  This summer, I hope to enjoy tasty juices and food grown with my family!
  3. Use my Vitamix daily  – My juicer is a wonderful tool, but as I’ve posted quite a bit, the Vitamix is incredibly easier to use, clean and store.  Juices and smoothies in the Vitamix are healthier because you can puree the food, keeping the fiber and keeping you full longer.  Besides, when I add ice & my smoothie has a desert texture, it feels like an indulgent treat. 🙂
  4. Post more often! – Getting this site up and running was a big accomplishment for me last year, but for the upcoming year I resolve to bring you more juicing recipes, more tips and more healthy fun!

What are some of your resolutions?  Want to juice more often?  Want to add a new food into your diet?  Want to live raw?  No matter what your goals are, you can get there in a healthy way!

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