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Over the course of this past week I have read a number of articles dealing with studies about weight loss and diet.  Two new trends were evident:

    1. Low fat diets lead to weight loss
    2. Toxins in your diet may be making you fat

Alone, each of these statements may sound reasonable, but not exactly compelling.  We’ve all heard these kinds of statements before, right?  I believe it is when you combine these statements together that you start to see the real path to healthy weight loss ->by eating clean, whole, organic food as often as possible.

Are you familiar with this image?

(via SchoolOfThin)

When you eat healthy, low fat foods such as vegetables, you are providing your stomach with the filler that you are looking for.  The less dense food also provides you with more nutrients and water in smaller portions, so it doesn’t take as much food to “fill up” your required values.  Think that you can’t fill up on just veggies?  He does 😉

African Elephant

The second link that was recently released is between the toxins in our food supply and environment.  When our body encounters toxins, it works to protect itself, leading to inflammation, mucus production and other natural defenses.  If you are fighting just one toxin, your body can appropriately respond, but lately, our bodies are bombarded by herbicides, pesticides, and many other natural and unnatural substances.  Our natural defenses can not keep up with this modern assault on our well being, which disrupt our endocrine system and lead to a whole host of issues, including obesity.

Juicing, blending and eating as whole, raw and clean as possible helps your body a rest from this fight and  reset itself, giving it a break from the toxins and providing you with a powerful punch of nutrition – for less calories to boot!

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