Juicing Staples

A friend recently purchased a Vitamix and began an exciting journey toward healthy living, but had some questions.

How do I get started? 
What are the juicing staples that are essential to have on hand? 

What are some good things to try? 
I have the equipment, now what?

Investing in your health by purchasing a Vitamix or juicer is a great first step toward healthier living, but only as much as you use it 😉

The only thing worse than not having an ingredient you want is to find that ingredient has gone bad before you could use it.  I’ve done it more times than I’d like; buying produce that was enticing in the store, but has now sat on your counter far too long.  To avoid throwing out rotten food, I’ve come up with some juicing staples that you can safely buy and use in a timely manner.  Then you can limit your impulse purchases of strange and exotic fruit knowing it will likely mix well with your staples.

Christine’s Juicing Staples

1. Carrots

  • easy to find and store
  • the sweet juice mixes well with most fruits or veggies
  • aids in immunity, digestion and skin health

2. Celery

  • easy to find and store
  • salty juice compliments other vegetable juices
  • lowers blood pressure and naturally replaces electrolytes lost in physical activity

3. Apples

  • readily available
  • Granny Smith or Braeburn apples provide a nice tartness to mix with more earthy flavors
  • an apple a day keeps the doctor away…full of vitamins, minerals and fiber that help lower cholesterol, aid digestion and deliver antioxidants

4. Oranges/Grapefruit

  • orange juice is a common favorite; easy to mix in other less known juices
  • red grapefruits provide a sweet tartness that can mask other less desirable flavors for greater nutrient intake
  • high in vitamin C and fiber

5. Spinach/Kale

  • pick up any bagged variety for a quick shopping experience
  • green leafy vegetables contain vitamins A & C, beta-carotene and iron
  • regenerative properties help tone the digestive system, liver and circulatory system

6. Lemons

  • another common grocery find
  • this tart juice is  perfect for balancing the sweetness or saltiness of other flavors
  • high in vitamin C and potassium

7. Ginger

  • plentiful and inexpensive, a little bit goes a long way
  • centuries old natural remedy for digestion and circulation
  • relieves nausea, bloating, colds, sore throats and inflammation

8. Berries

  • frozen mixed berries are the easiest to find and store, but can not be put through a juicer
  • easily mixed with any form of milk (dairy, nut, soy) or yogurt for a creamy treat with an antioxidant boost

There are a number of “b list” foods that I am tempted to include, like tomatoes, grapes and pineapple because they mix so well with other items.  Ultimately, I left them off the list because they are more difficult to keep fresh for a longer period of time.  Having these eight items at your disposal at all times will get you started juicing like a pro.  Try mixing and matching them and let me know what fun combinations you enjoy!



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