How To Store Fresh Herbs

For many years I found buying fresh herbs a ridiculously expensive part of grocery shopping.  I never understood why they sold such big bunches of the stuff for around $2.50 each when my recipe usually only called for a quarter of the container.  Then after I made the recipe, the poor herbs would slowly fade and wilt in my fridge, ultimately to be thrown away. 🙁

Cutting Herbs

Not anymore! Thanks to that lovely place called Pinterest (check out the Juicing Health Benefits boards) I have some neat tricks to save your precious herbs:

  • Place them in water

    Yes, for some herbs like parsley, basil, and cilantro it is that easy.  Just snip off a bit of the bottom of the stem and place it in water like a bouquet.  The herbs should stay good for about a week in a nice cool spot on your counter.

  • Freeze in bags

    Some herbs are considered “hard”, like rosemary and thyme.  These sturdy herbs can be washed, dried and placed into resealable freezer bags.  When you want to use them, they work just like fresh herbs.

  • Freeze them in water or oil

    A popular way to preserve herbs in our house is to chop up the herbs and place 1 or 2 Tbs in the bottom of ice cube trays, fill with water or oil and freeze.  Then you can pop them out and place the into freezer bags for longer storage.  When you are ready to use the cubes in water, let them warm up on a paper towel or in a strainer before using like fresh.  If using herbs in oil, allow to thaw in a bowl or add directly to your recipe.

  • Blend & freeze

    You can always make juices or smoothies in advance and freeze them in ice cube trays as well.  One idea is to blend up your herbs & then you can add them to you next smoothie.  It will add all the health benefits of herbs described yesterday as well as a nice cold touch.

  • Dry them out

    You can dry out herbs without a dehydrator.  Simply chop up basil or parsley or use the whole stem for thyme or rosemary; place the leaves on a plate and place in a cool, dry place for several days.  Store them in a resealable containers in the refrigerator.

Its really that easy!  Don’t throw out your leftover herbs anymore, save those healthy gems for your next recipe or smoothie!

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