How To Select & Store Citrus

Fresh citrus can be such a pick-me-up!  Even the scent of citrus dramatically enhances our mood.  It’s no wonder that adding beautiful fresh citrus to our juicing & blending will bring sunshine into our lives.  Ok, maybe it won’t be soooo rosy, but it will deliver a much needed boost to your health and mood.

When buying citrus, look for plump, firm and finely textured skins.  The heavier the fruit is, the more juice there is inside!  For some specific types of citrus here are some tips

  • Grapefruits – plump, firm, and heavy, with shiny, finely textured skin
  • Oranges – plump, firm, and heavy, with shiny, finely textured skin
  • Clementines – deep orange, glossy, thin peel
  • Lemons should be firm and heavy with skin that is smooth, not pitted

Once you bring them home citrus fruits can go into the refrigerated, preferably in the humidity controlled bin for fruits.  Grapefruit can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks, while lemons can last 3 weeks in the refrigerator and clementines will last a week.

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