How Long Can I Store My Juices?

Image courtesy of Marin
Image courtesy of Marin

It seems that our lives are getting busier and busier each day.  So it’s no wonder that we are all looking for ways to get our healthy juices in without missing a beat.  Here are a few rules and tips for to help you out:

  • The fresher the better!  Fresh juices and smoothies must come from just that, FRESH produce.  That means that the ingredients you choose should be at their peak freshness when used.  That can be hard for some of us, but frozen produce allows us some convenience in this area that I am a huge fan of!
  • Cut, core and peel your food just before you use it.  When your produce is exposed to air, it begins to react with the surrounding air, causing oxidation.  This oxidation begins to break down some of the enzymes and nutrients of your food before you’ve even had a chance to eat it.  One visible example of this is when an apple turns brown after being exposed to the air.
  • Drink your juice/smoothie within about 15 minutes.  This again is to avoid loosing the healthy enzymes and nutrients to oxidation.  If you are not able to – don’t sweat it too much.  You will still be getting most of the enzymes and certainly the macro-nutrients in the drink and it will still be much healthier than any processed alternative
  • Storing your juice/smoothie can be done carefully.  Again, you are trying to avoid oxidation of the juice.
    • For juice that you would like to drink later that day, store in a non-reactive thermos or sealed container.  Fill the container up to the top to keep as much air out as possible.
    • For longer term storage, freeze individual portions in a sealed glass container (mason jars work well).  Then you can simply let it thaw out in the fridge overnight before consuming.

I know that sometimes doing one big juice or blend is much easier for some.  Do whatever makes it easier for you to get a healthy juice or smoothie into EVERY DAY!  Your body will thank you 🙂



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