How Long Can I Store My Juice?

Recently, an old friend reached out to me with a question about juicing.  It was a great opportunity to share some important tips about juicing.

“I’ve read some of your posts related to juicing…I have been doing this for quite sometime too but have read that if you make it ahead of time, you loose the benefits and nutritional value.  Do you know if that’s true?”

The answer to this question depends on your answer to another question: Why are you juicing?

I’m following a raw diet

If you are eating raw and want to make sure you get the living enzymes, then you should drink it within 15 min. after that, the juice oxidizes the enzymes & they die on a cellular level. Think of leaving a peeled carrot out in the air for a while. It will start at the surface & work inward.

I’m on a juice cleanse or just trying to eat cleanly

When you make your own juice ahead of time the macro nutrients (vitamins, minerals, beta carotene, etc) will still be there. So the juice you buy at the store (I often times buy pure pomegranate juice or other hard to find fruits/vegetables) can still be beneficial if it doesn’t contain anything other than juice.

Fresh juice is always best, but with today’s busy lives, sometimes we have to go with what is the best choice available.


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