How does your garden look?

March in the Midwest usually means snow banks and longing for sunshine, but this year we’ve had a couple short bursts of warmer weather.  The warm sun has inspired me even more to start planning my garden in our new home and getting my seedlings ready.  I’m giddy over the thought of growing my own produce for our juices!  Until my own vegetable patch is up and running, my neighbor has been generously sharing her kale from their lovely garden.  What a pleasant surprise this week when she was able to harvest some kale, collard greens, and brussel sprouts that have survived the mild winter.

My neighbor mentioned wanting to try to grow parsnips this year, which reminded me of a delicious Parsnapple drink that is high in beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium.  The sulfur in this silky drink helps keep skin radiant while protecting against toxins, radiation, and pollution.  Cinnamon has shown to help regulate your blood sugar levels, helping those with Type II Diabetes.  It may even be linked to improved cognitive functions and appetite control, leading to weight loss.

from The Big Book of Juices

3 green apples
2 parsnips
sprinkle of grated nutmeg on top

*If using your vitamix, add 1 cup water to keep the consistency smooth


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