Have You Watched “Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead” Yet?

Need even more inspiration to start your juicing year off right?  Watch Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead and you will be scared, amazed and inspired!  This documentary of a man, Joe Cross, at a pivotal point in his life where he is heavily medicated for an autoimmune disease decides to live healthy, dumping years of bad habits for a “mean green” drink.  Joe is honest about his struggles to understand how he got to this point in his life, weigh out his choices, and then stick with the plan.  Much of the focus could be placed on his weight loss, but it’s his health and will to live that is the real story.  It’s really easy for us to look at before & after photos of weight-loss transformations online and miss the hard work that goes in between.  Joe’s story is simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming.  It also shows how Joe continues to live a healthy lifestyle that includes juicing.  Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead is easily available on Netflix streaming. Here is the mean green recipe that Joe used to achieve his amazing results.


Mean Green Juice

The official recipe used by Joe Cross and Phil Staples according to the Reboot Program

6 Kale Leaves
1 Cucumber
4 Celery Stalks
2 Green Apples
1/2 Lemon
1 piece of ginger


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