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Maybe you’ve heard of this little site called Pinterest?  It seems like everyone is pinning recipes for quick weight loss smoothies, except they are all different smoothies from different sources.  Hmmmmm…. is there really such a thing as a weight loss smoothie?

YES!  Almost any raw smoothie is a weight loss smoothie!  Now, there are some basic rules to remember:

  • Raw vegetables contain large amounts of nutrients and water for a more filling, yet low calorie meal
  • Fruits often have a more pleasing taste, but typically have more sugar than vegetable.  The good news, is that it is a natural sugar that is easier to metabolize.
  • Nuts, seeds, and grains are generally a good source of protein, but also fat, which carries a higher caloric value

I’m not a nutritional expert, but I’ve done lots of my own research for personal reasons and can say with confidence that the more raw food and less processed food I eat, the more weight I loose.  This thinking has worked for my husband as well….and many, many others who post success stories.  The health benefits of weight loss are incredible, since many illnesses are a byproduct of being overweight.

So how do you use these statements above, to get that bikini-ready body in no time?  Eat as many vegetables as you can, mixing in as many colors as possible and getting plenty of greens.  Then, when you can’t eat any more vegetables, eat some fruit.  Again, mixing in as many colors as possible.  Then to round out your plate, eat some nuts, seeds or grains.  These you’ll want to watch your consumption because they are caloriclly dense.

The easiest way to get all this healthy goodness into your busy schedule is to make a smoothie!  I’ve offered many recipes on my site for healthy smoothies, there are more on the internet and infinitely more that you can make up on your own.  For beginners, check out my guide to getting started.  If you’re looking for the best way to make smoothies, check out my Vitamix affiliate page and find the right machine for you with free shipping.  And for you experts out there, share your favorite drinks below!

Here is one of my new favorites:

California Green

1 apple (I prefer gala)
1 banana
1/2 avocado
4 dates
1 handful baby spinach

Blend well in a Vitamix for a creamy, cool smoothie.  The avocado adds a large dose of healthy fats that take longer to metabolize, which keeps you full longer.  Spinach brings the good green stuff, chlorophyll to power you at a cellular level.  The banana, dates and apple add fiber and enough sweetness to help the drink go down deliciously!

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