Clear Your Sleepy Head

Earlier this week, I posted a few tips on how to stay healthy this holiday season. One of my tips was to start a new healthy tradition that can either replace or compliment some of your “less healthy” ones. My challenge to myself was to create a new smoothie for my family that would become a new tradition.

We got two! Here’s the first one & I’ll post the second one tomorrow 🙂





Clear Your Sleepy Head

1 green apple
1/4 c cranberries
1″ knob of ginger (more or less to taste)1 c water

Toss all the ingredients into a Vitamix or powerful blender until smooth.

This cran-apple delight is perfect for the holiday season; aka cold & flu season. The apple tastes good and delivers the filling fiber to help you stay full longer.

Cranberries help fight inflammation and flush your urinary system, which helps flush out all the germs. But it’s the ginger that really packs a punch. Normally, I can’t deal with a ginger taste, but in this drink, I can handle much larger chunks. That means more cold and flu fighters I’m delivering to my body.


What new healthy traditions are you starting this year?

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