Think Pink Beyond The Labels Pink.  It’s clever.  It’s to the point.  By now, nearly everyone knows what you’re supporting.  So what’s the problem?  Everyone knows what you are talking about.

Most of us have had a sister, mother, grandmother, daughter, co-worker, or best friend diagnosed with breast cancer!  Thinking pink just isn’t enough!  We have to ACT PINK in every part of our lives.

This past week, I read about a school handing out pink cupcakes for breast cancer awareness.  Really?  Refined sugar, carcinogen dyes, hydrogenated oils, and surely GMO laden cupcakes to bring awareness about a devastating illness?  Really?

Then I walk into a local restaurant that was offering a special menu item for breast cancer awareness month.  How nice….except there isn’t a single nutritional benefit in the menu item and in fact, eating such item may in fact lead to cancer.  Humph!

This article by Bruce Bradley was another eye opener.  Blinded By Pink points out that “Fundraising is a tough business. How many times have you screened or hung-up on a telemarketer? Thrown away the mailer requesting a donation? Or deleted the email from your favorite non-profit? And do you ever feel like when you finally make that donation, you’re quickly “thanked” by a barrage of requests asking for more?”

Donating a proceed of what you are already going to spends seems so much easier, but are you just falling prey to corporate marketing?  Two items are similar, but one donates a portion of the proceeds.  Which one will you buy?  You don’t really need those cookies, but if it goes for a good cause, then it’s ok right?

No!  Corporate marketing is just helping us feel better about buying their product.  If they really wanted to help, they would take the carcinogens out of their food!  Playing on the emotions of consumers and perpetuating the problem is not charity or corporate social responsibility.  If we want to make a real difference, we the consumers must demand more.

I wholly support many cancer charities, events, functions and am extremely grateful that these organizations exist.  Many raise money for research and provide much needed information and support to those suffering.  But I will not spend a dime on a product that I would not buy without the pink ribbon.

For additional information and a Think Before You Pink Toolkit, click here.

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