Are You Handing Out Diabetes & Cancer

It’s getting dark earlier and the leaves are starting to fall.  It’s nearing that spooky time of year again when we dress up as ghosts and goblins on All Hallows’ Eve to scare away the ghosts that roam the earth.  So why am I filled with dread and start to cringe like Freddy just whispered in my ear when anyone talks about trick-or-treating?

This year will be our third Trick-or-Treat in our current home.  We are in a nice, safe and friendly neighborhood, which is why many of the children from near by neighborhoods come here for beggars night festivities.  Last year, we had a line of approximately 15 to 30 people for a solid 2 hours.  (I included a pic because we found this to be incredible and I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it.)

Halloween Candy Line
Halloween Candy Line

Learning from the year before, I had doubled the amount of candy I bought last year so we wouldn’t run out again.  So why did I feel so bad?

My own son was allowed to go briefly around the block.  After I removed the “absolutely freaking not” candy, telling him it was spoiled  we allowed him 2 pieces of candy that night and 1 each day until he forgot….which was only 3 days later, we threw all the rest out.  Again, why did I feel bad?

Because deep in my heart I knew that candy was not what any of these kids needed.  So many of the kids who came to my door were still drinking the soda from their fast food dinner.  All I was doing was handing out diabetes and GMO cancer packets to contribute to an already growing  childhood obesity problem.  How was this fun?

So yesterday I found myself at a crossroads.  Standing in the aisle of a large bulk store staring blankly at the massive amounts of sugary, chocolatey candy all I could think of was the recent post by Food Babe about GMO candy.  A friend recently said to me, “Once you know this stuff, it’s hard to unlearn it!  Then what do you do?”  Change it!

A terrific blog, 100 Days of Real Food, suggest the Top 20 Ways To Do Halloween Without Candy.  Many of these ideas are just what I needed!  I particularly like the one about handing out small organic juice boxes 😉

What will you be handing out this year?

The Culprit With The Candy Bowl
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