Are You Drinking Your Pesticides?

What's really in your cup?
What’s really in your cup?

It’s really no wonder why so many of my mom friends are throwing their hands up in frustration.  They often times want to do the right thing for their families by providing them with the most nutritious and delicious meals around.  They avoid fast food as much as possible and don’t let their kids drink soda (BRAVO!), but time and time again they find out that their “healthier” choice was nothing but a marketing trick or hidden danger to their family.

Sadly, the Food Babe has discovered yet another food staple that has a healthy image, but our food system has completely screwed up. 🙁

I take great pride in the fact that my household generally only drinks water, local organic milk, coffee, tea, homemade juices/smoothies and occasionally wine or beer.  That’s it! We’ve cut out soda, we don’t buy bottled juices, and we certainly don’t do energy drinks.   All of which is why I was so sad, but not too surprised, to find out that one of my main go-to’s for a relaxing evening is most likely providing me with an unhealthy dose of pesticides!

Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world.  It is grown in only a few places such as China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan.  Just as with other mass productions, tea producers have turned to pesticides to protect their tea trees from insects.  These pesticides are often known to be linked to causing cancer or imparied fertility.  Bottom line is that pesticides are designed to kill or hinder reproduction of insects and they can cause a whole host of problems in humans.  The only answer is to make sure that you buy organic teas that are certified to avoid pesticide contamination.

You can find organic tea options here.

For a more in depth investigation you can visit The Food Babe website here.

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