Are You A Real Juicer?

While out on a long marathon training run this past weekend I had plenty of time to ponder such things as the meaning of life and how to get my kid to listen to me.  Although I didn’t come up with any conclusive answers for either of these, I did make some pretty interesting observations that I’ll share with you over the next couple of posts.

Are you in the club?

Being a part of a group can be highly motivating for some and quite daunting for others.  For example, as I was running along a popular trail I passed runner after runner.  They represented every level from novice to elite.  Some looked quite comfortable while others really struggled to accomplish the day’s run.  But one thing seemed to hold true – all of the “real” runners acknowledged me with a small wave, a polite smile, or a quick bow of their head.  It signaled our connection through running.  Our appreciation for the others efforts.  Our silent support for one another.  It made us part of the running club.  And it lifted my spirits with positive thoughts, making my run just a little easier for a few moments.

Similarly, my husband owned a Jeep Wrangler for a while.  I had never known about the secret Wrangler wave, but as we drove off the lot, all the other Wrangler owners waved at us.  We were officially part of the club!

Juices PanoramaWhat does this have to do with juicing?  Well, when I was starting out I was sure that people who considered themselves “juicers” were intensely focused on juicing only green vegetables and rarely ate food.  They would be able to do a 30 day juice fast with no side effects.

Boy was I wrong!  Over the years of reading/learning/watching all things juicing, I’ve realized that there are all different levels of experience and intensity.  Just like running or owning a Wrangler, just the act of juicing made me part of the club.  It doesn’t matter how often or how green you juice, just that you do.

Don’t be intimidated by others who do more than you.  Don’t listen to those who are scared to try it.  Just simply make your juice the way you like it and raise a glass to fellow juicer 🙂

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