My Juicing Journey

My love of juicing came when I was young, drinking all the orange juice I could get my hands on.  But it was much later in 2006 that I found myself able to truly appreciate the power of all natural fresh juice.  At the time I was unhappy with slow weight loss, despite 16 weeks of training for a marathon, personal weight training sessions and a very active lifestyle.  It seemed like I was constantly on the run, but the weight was still hanging on.

When I tried a few natural supplements that failed to speed up my metabolism or drop the weight, but did manage to mess up my thyroid, I did a lot of research.  Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you a cure or easy weight loss plan.  I always felt like I was being scammed. (I probably was!)  Through it all, only one idea was so very basic and consistent.  Eat as pure as possible.  It really is that simple.  To me, that meant back to basics.

The longer it can sit on the shelf, the longer it will sit in your body.

Upon taking up an all raw diet, my husband and I watched the pounds melt away faster than ever.  What’s more, is that we felt better than ever!  We couldn’t help notice small changes, like increased energy, decreased cravings & moodiness, clearer thinking and even funny things like my feet stopped sweating.  Embarrassing, but true.

These are a few pics I took for tracking purposes.  They show just how effective juicing can be for slimming down to a healthy weight.


Within a few weeks, eating raw was easy!  To confess, we stayed pretty low key with it.  Fixing salads, smoothies, and snacking on dried fruit and nuts.  We’ve never attempted the raw lasagna or raw burgers, we were just focused on eating naturally and thrilled with the results we were seeing.

It all has to do with delivering clean fuel to your body at the right time.  When you put unnatural chemicals in your system, your body tries every way to eliminate or contain the toxin.  Hence why my feet were sweating, my body wanted to eliminate the toxins out and it didn’t care how.

After 6 weeks of Juicing
After 6 weeks of Juicing

When you deliver the right fuel to your body, you give it the energy in needs to run in high gear.  By juicing, you are helping break down the food and make it even easier for your body to absorb and use.

This site is designed to help you find the right fuels for your body no matter what diet or lifestyle you lead. I believe you want more!

  • more out of life
  • more taste
  • more satisfaction
  • more security
  • more variety
  • more for your money
  • more time
  • more for your loved ones
  • knowledge

I believe there is a fire that burns inside of you that won’t settle for ordinary any longer.

Juicing Health Benefits will provide raw juicing recipes, healthy smoothies to help you find new and fun ways to get healthy.  There are product reviews and recommendations.  Resources to find your next favorite recipe.  Health benefits of certain foods.  Information about chronic illnesses and diseases and ways to help prevent them.

I am not a medical professional, but I will pass along health benefits as I find them in my own research.  Please always consult a medical professional before attempting any alternative treatments.

Most importantly, we are all here to have fun!  Even in our most dire day, we must enjoy and thrive in the moment.  See what healthy concoctions you can come up with while you lead a healthier life too!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!

~ Christine

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