A Most Pleasant Grocery Experience

Lately I have found the grocery store experience to be a bit disappointing to say the least, but not today!  Today I met a lovely older woman who’s thinning skin and laugh lines radiated a beauty that I only hope to have one day.

We met at the lemons.  Both of us were examining this new bag of lemons at a local “organic food supermarket” as they like to call themselves.  She was giving the lemons a light squeeze and I patiently waited behind her to find the right ones.  Noticing me, she says, “these lemons are all so hard!  What do you think?”

I replied that I too thought they were hard, but that the other option across the produce area were conventional and I prefer organic.  “Do you know if these are organic?”

“The sign says they are here, but I don’t know for sure.” she says as she points to the pricing sign in front of the lemons claiming that they are organic.

I took a closer look at the actual packaging and saw that it was a larger brand name.  My hopes dipped as I thought most large producers don’t actually have organic options.  Any hope of organics flew out the window as I showed the lovely lady the hidden text, scrunched up behind the twist tie:



Coated with food-grade vegetable beeswax, and/or lac-resin-based wax or resin, to maintain freshness.





She looked at me quizzically.  “Does that mean its not organic?”

“You know, it really doesn’t tell one way or another.  Some certified organic fruits and vegetables are coated for safe handling.  Many conventional fruits and vegetables are coated for the same reason.  These don’t seem to be organic though, because they would have labeled them so on the package.”

for more info on food coatings, read Nanoparticles:  What are they?  Why should we care?

This lovely woman marched right over to the young man stocking sweet potatoes and calmly expressed concern that the lemons were mislabeled.  My immediate affinity for this woman was spot on.  Then, as if she couldn’t rise any higher in my esteem for her, she came back to me and said, “You know that [other store down the road] has loose organic lemons.  They look a little less perfect, but I’m going to go back and get mine there.”

This woman is a walking example for all of us.  She shopped consciously, investigated what she didn’t know and only gave her money for the quality she expected.  It is tedious and tiresome to investigate our food and I wish we didn’t have to, but if you think the government, the grocery store, or the restaurant is looking out for your health, you are wrong.  Even with mounds of regulations and rules, you are responsible for your health and nutrition.  Arm yourself with knowledge and enjoy the incredible goodness that comes from whole, honest food!

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