7 Days of Spring Cleaning For Your Health – Day 6: Breathe

Photo Courtesy of artemisphoto
Photo Courtesy of artemisphoto

We know that what we put into our bodies is important to our health and that food is fuel, but we often overlook such a crucial part of our fascinating system – breath.  Yes, that thing we do on autopilot most of the time is so very important to living.  What’s more, is that how we breathe affects how we live.

Ever wonder why we say, “I need a breath of fresh air.” or “I need to clear my head.”?  Because by most of us today are running around trying to keep all our plates spinning without taking much time to care for ourselves.  Even when we eat the “right” things, exercise and take part in healthy activities, we often forget to pay attention to what we are doing.  Our breath is our connection between mind and body.

Bad Loops are where our minds get stuck in a bad place and negative thoughts run on repeat or they spiral out of control down a negative path.  These thoughts generally come out of insecurity, fear, or hurt.  If you do not reign them back in, they begin to crowd out your good thoughts and affect who you are.  Fortunately, the answer is simple.

Simple mindful breath is meditation.  It doesn’t have to be long or in a complex lotus pose.  It can be sitting or standing up tall, closing your eyes and feeling the body inhale the clean positive air.  Visualize the good that you are delivering in your nose, down your windpipe and filling the lungs with radiance.  Then visualize any negative feelings or unproductive thoughts being balled up and sent our with your exhale.

Doing this just once is a cleansing breath and has great power.  I actually do this so often that my husband will notice and ask if he can help me with my issue.  (He can be so kind!)  Notice that this cleansing breath is different from a sigh or a huffing sound.  Those are short and attention seeking.  A cleansing breath is personal, rejuvenating, and flows effortlessly.  Try one, you’ll love it!

You can even take your mindful breathing to a new level with a full hour of meditation, yoga, tai chi, take a walk or just find a quiet space be in silence or listen to music.  It is essential to our mind and bodies to have good strong breath and love our selves!

For additional reading about breathing and meditation I highly recommend this book, Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn.


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