7 Days of Spring Cleaning For Your Health – Day 4: Lunch

Photo courtesy of Ambro
Photo courtesy of Ambro

Yesterday I introduced you to the idea of eating according to your circadian rhythms.  Today I have some good news….lunch and dinner are when you are suppose to eat the most!  How fantastic is that?  Now, what you choose to eat will still have a large impact on your health and weight, so let’s stay reasonable my friends.

Lunch is when I like to include a few more carbs than other meals and can handle more fruit (fructose is still a form of sugar!) since it is when I am most active.  The middle of the day is when the body is best prepared to digest, absorb, and use nutrients.  It is also when we are most active and ready to burn off those calories as what?  Yes, fuel!

Now, this is still a spring cleaning project, so we have to eliminate something here right?  Let’s start with anything that is deep fried, coated with sugar, includes mystery meats, or has a ridiculous shelf life.  Easy enough right?

According to WebMD,

If your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and meat substitutes such as soy, you may be less likely to have certain risks for heart disease, such as:

If you work in an office or on the road, this is probably the most difficult meal of your day.  Even if you wanted to juice, that may not be an option for you.  Good news!  There seems to be a juice or smoothie bar popping up around nearly every corner.  Here is my one word of caution:  Make sure they are using fresh or frozen produce!  Avoid those sugary canned fruits or fruit flavored syrups, both of which will send your sugar levels dangerously high.

Salads always seem to be a healthy choice, but beware of the dressing and added toppings that can quickly jump the calories and fat.  Juices and smoothies are terrific ways to get nutritious food into our systems, but for an overall healthy life, I believe that our bodies are designed to eat and digest food too.  Raw food is best, so make an effort to eat fresh produce, dried fruits and nuts.

My husband and I’s favorite satisfying raw salad took some time to find, but I absolutely salivate when I think about making it!

Raw Stummer Salad

1 – 2 cups baby spinach
1 med carrot chopped
1/4 cucumber chopped
4 – 5 cherry tomatoes
1 oz raw cheddar cheese
1 handful raw peanuts
1 handful dried cranberries
Top with a light drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette or balsamic vinegar & olive oil

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