Acne Fighting Green Smoothie

Whenever my diet gets a bit out of balance, my body responds by giving me signals.  The further out of balance, the more bigger the signal.  It has taken me a number of years to decode some of these messages, but now that I have found a few, it can be quite amazing.  For instance, if I have too much sugar, I sweat more.  Kind of gross, but consistent all the same.  The skin is our largest organ and is a direct reflection of what is going on in our stomachs.  So now when I wake up with a red swollen bump on my face my first question is “How has my diet been lately?”

Chances are that I’ve been eating too much refined foods, saturated fat, or hormone treated food.

  • Refined foods are foods that are manufactured in a factory or in your home.  This group of foods often times tastes good, but offers lower nutritional quality and usually has the least amount of fiber.  So when your digestive system gets clogged with this sludge, it again tries to get it out any way possible – through your biggest organ!
  • Saturated fats do have some nutritional value, but our typical diets contain way too much.  Healthy fats provide us with essential oils that actually help keep our skin soft and acne free.
  • Hormones have made their way into our food system in a number of ways.  They provide farmers and ranchers with ways to encourage higher productivity for meat or dairy, but anything that is injected into your food, will ultimately be passed onto you.  Again, your skin is trying to balance out these hormones with your own and shows itself in your morning reflection.

To get my system back in balance, I turn to the staples of green veggies, nuts, seeds and garlic.  Garlic is an incredible antibacterial that is rich is potassium, calcium, iron and amino acids.  It helps your body reduce cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and fight infection.  Garlic may not be the first thing you think  of chucking into your morning smoothie, but it might be the best to restore your skin to it’s natural beauty.

Green Garlic Juice

1 green apple
1 cup kale
1 celery stalk
1 clove garlic
ginger to taste (mild or spicey)


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