30 Days of Green Smoothies

20111130-153745.jpgIt has been a crazy couple of weeks around here, with Juicing Healthy Magazine doing so well, updating my 3 Day Detox plans, checking in with clients and finally making this business official!  So many positive things are going on right now, I am delighted with where things are heading….except for one thing.  I haven’t been following my own advice and my weight, emotional stability, and energy levels are showing it.  Time to shape up and practice what I preach!

Falling off the healthy train doesn’t have to be the beginning of the end.  Rather, just a point where we need to stop, breathe, and take just one step in the right direction.  Then it’s only one step and then one more after that until you are at your goal.

To get me back on track, I am starting every day for the next 30 days with yoga and a green smoothie.  Yoga is something I have chosen to help me get my mind right and open up my body to feeling good first thing in the morning.  When I practice yoga I can check in with how my body is feeling and what it is telling me.  It also helps me mentally charge up and get focused so I can accomplish my busy schedule.

Green smoothies are nothing new, but just like anything that has us feeling good again, we start to believe we are “healed” and don’t need any more.  Logically I know this is wrong, but I do it all the same.  Committing to 30 days of green smoothies brings my health, nutrition and feeling good back on the daily agenda.

The bigger key to my long term success is to value myself more and set up some boundaries.  I must not let my other responsibilities and commitments rob me of valuable time and energy that I should be using to take care of myself.  My wellness must be a priority!

The journey back to healthy living starts today, won’t you join me?

Day 1: Blue Water Protein Smoothie

Raw Protein Powder

Chuck it all in the Vitamix & 45 sec later, enjoy!

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