30 Days of Green Smoothies: Results and Reflections

First, let’s take a look back at why I would challenge myself to drink at least one green smoothie every day for 30 days.

About a month ago I found myself gaining weight, becoming extremely emotional, and loosing stamina with my responsibilities at home and work.  Externally, things had actually been going very well, but my health was taking a back seat to other commitments and I was beginning to suffer.

I vowed to put my physical and mental health first.  Let me stress how important it is to take care of our minds as well as our bodies.  Even in the best physical condition, if you are overloaded and stressed, you are not operating at maximum efficiency.

What did I learn over the last 30 days?30 Days of Green Smoothies

  • Protecting my own boundaries is not selfish, it is necessary for my own happiness as well as those around me.
  • Green smoothies can taste great and still be very healthy (Day 7).  Play with ingredients to find some of you favorites.
  • Some combinations are better than others.  I identified a few that are typically good to work with. (Day 22)
  • Green smoothies aren’t always green, they just have to have the power of greens, aka chlorophyll.  (Day 23)
  • Powdered greens, like Amazing Greens Superfood, can be extremely helpful to have on hand. (Day 10)
  • Setting a good example is not lost on our children and can be very powerful. (Day 13)
  • Making healthy choices is not always easy, but always rewarding. (Day 17)
  • Eating cleanly rejuvenates your taste buds and brings more enjoyment from your food. (Day 18)
  • Stop procrastinating!  Life lessons from my son are difficult, but impactful. (Day 20)
  • Accomplishing your goals feels SO much better than any pain felt getting there. With each success, you gain confidence in yourself and the strength to push yourself further.

This 30 day challenge has also reminded me how easy it is to chuck things into my Vitamix and drink something healthy that gives me energy.  No more excuses!

Who’s in for the next 30 Day Challenge?  Comment below and I’ll make sure to contact you before we begin again.

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