30 Days of Green Smoothies Redux

30 Days of Green SmoothiesFirst, let me tell you just how excited I am to have so many of you doing this 30 day challenge with me!  Last time I did a 30 Days of Green Smoothies I learned a few things, like how to always be prepared with some NatureRich Greens or Amazing Greens to mix with water when your alarm doesn’t go off in the morning or you get to around 10:00 and think, “what was I suppose to do today?”

I also learned that so many more people out there WANT to do this too!  How cool is that?!

So I created a Facebook group called JHB 30 Days of Green Smoothies – Oct 2013 to give us all a place to share pictures, success stories and most importantly to support each other.  We are all imperfect people just trying to do our best to become our best selves and need to support each other along this journey!  Even if it’s October 29th by the time you read this, please come join us!  Inspiration and motivation are always welcome, no matter what the date is.

AAAAAAand for the rest of you that are just not ready to commit to a 30 days of green smoothies, that’s ok.  I thought I would save you the daily emails 😉  This time around, you will only get emails if I have something new and interesting to say.

So with that, I wish you all a Green Smoothie Eve and a rockin’ October!

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