30 Days of Green Smoothies: Days 4 & 5

Oops, I forgot to post yesterday’s green smoothie!  How embarrassing, but I promise I did have one.  I even took a picture of these beautiful rainbow collard greens from our CSA that I used for my greens.


As a rule of thumb, it takes roughly 28 days to create a habit.  Recent studies are showing a few ways to make a habit faster.  One way is to make yourself accountable.  For this 30 days of green smoothies, I have chosen to post each day.  My penalty for failing to post is knowing that all of you will know it and that is quite embarrassing.  Sooooo I definitely don’t want to start off another post like this again!

Another way to help create a healthy habit is to tie it to something you do already.  For example, memorizing vocabulary words while you brush your teeth or drinking a glass of water before every meal.  You were already going to brush your teeth and eat a meal, which makes them good triggers for the positive habit.

A third way to make a new habit is to know what your goal is and write it down.  My goal is to make green smoothies a daily habit again.  When these 30 days are over, I want to continue drinking green smoothies on a frequent and regular basis.

Today, I am happy to post another successful day of green smoothies!  This delicious blend of kale, lemon, blueberry, protein powder, and udo’s oil was quite refreshing on this hot summer morning. 🙂


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