30 Days of Green Smoothies: Day 30

Wohoo!  30 straight days of green smoothies is in the books 🙂

I couldn’t have planned it any better (maybe if I had consulted a calendar, oops!) because today is also the 2 year anniversary of Juicing Health Benefits!  How awesome is that?

Today is also the 2 year anniversary of my Vitamix.  For all the beatings my family puts this machine through, I am absolutely amazed that we have such a powerful machine that has not required any maintenance or replacement parts!

So it seemed only appropriate that my 30th green smoothie would be adapted from the Vitamix Create recipe book.  It was just as tasty as the first time I tried it.  Tomorrow I’m going to do a recap of the last 30 days.  Come back and check it out!

Peachy Green Smoothie

Peachy Green Smoothie

From Vitamix, makes 4 cups

1 cup soy milk
2 cups fresh washed spinach
1 medium apple, quartered
2 cups fresh or frozen peaches
1 cup ice cubes

Place all ingredients into the Vitamix and enjoy!

*Note, I used kale instead of spinach and added a protein powder, which is why my photo looks bubbly.

Did any of you follow along for the 30 days?  What is your favorite green smoothie?

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