30 Days of Green Smoothies: Day 19 & 20

Aaaaaaaand I’m back on track! Wow, I was doing so well and broke my streak ūüôĀ

Yesterday I started a new morning routine of going to the gym first thing in the morning, before the sun is up, to make sure it got done every weekday. When I got home, the family was still asleep so I just quietly took a shower and started my quiet morning activities. I always had the intention to make one, but kept thinking I could do it later.

Sound familiar? ¬†We do that a lot, don’t we? Well, at least I do and I’ve noticed my son starting to think like that too.

“Ok, just after I do…” or “Let me finish…first” are directly¬†inherited from me.

As a parent it is frustrating! But then I stop and think how it must’ve for everyone else I interact with and probably put off to later too. I think I owe many of you a big apology.

I’m also reminded of a story about Ben Franklin and his 13 virtues. You see, he listed his top 13 virtues that he wanted to cultivate by order of importance and then focused on the first one. Every day he would check off whether or not he had exuded that virtue during that day. After he had an unbroken number of checks, he would then focus on adding and tracking the next virtue. ¬†He understood how important it was to firmly have one new virtue firmly in place before adding the next AND he didn’t stop tracking any of the virtues he had previously added.

So even though I may want to add my morning gym routine, it can’t be at the expense of forgetting the smoothie! ¬†I am committed to refocusing on the smoothie first and then adding the gym second. ¬†This just happens to be my order of importance, yours may be different.

How many times have you tried to overhaul the entire you, when you should really be focusing on one attainable item at a time?

By the way, here is today’s green smoothie. ¬†It was AWEFUL! I DO NOT suggest mixing beet greens, peaches, spirulina, ginger, cayenne pepper and protein powder. ¬†I did manage to chug most of this neon green smoothie, but can not recommend it in good conscious. ¬†Why this combo? ¬†Not sure, I just looked around and added what came to mind. ¬†Hopefully tomorrow is a bit better!


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