30 Days of Green Smoothies: Day 18

One of the hidden benefits of eating well is regaining your taste. When was the last time you stopped to taste and enjoy your food? Now, describe it. Don’t just say it tastes “good”, but HOW does it taste?

By stopping to really enjoy everything I put in my mouth, I end accomplishing three things:

  1. I eat slower
  2. I eat less
  3. I gain more willpower

For example, there were a few desert items at the birthday party yesterday. My mindless self would have scooped a little of everything on my plate and finished it all off. Then, after the plate is polished off, it might slowly register that the cake was a bit dry and the icing was too fluffy, the brownie was just ok, and the cookie was too large and will go right to my hips. Realizing these things after i’ve eaten them only brings guilt and shame and begins the negative spiral of bad eating decisions.

Yesterday, I made mindful decisions about what I would and would not put into my body. I enjoyed myself all the same, but kept my sensibility about my food.  Some decisions were based on nutrition (or lack there of), but a number of them were based on taste. Since I’ve cleaned up my eating over the past two and a half weeks, I am able to taste a full spectrum of flavors again and make better food choices before I eat them, which makes me feel strong and confident and ready to face the next food challenge.

Amazingly, we tend to eat based on “what sounds good” or “what goes well together”.  But often, we have just been training ourselves in bad decisions.  I’ve always grown up thinking birthday party = cake, but that doesn’t have to be.  I’ve discovered that while people will try to shove the cake down your throat, you do not have to eat it.  The hardest part is the first time.  Breaking down bad habits and replacing it with good ones, such as this 30 days of green smoothies 😉

Today’s blueberry kale lemonade was not just good. It was tart, refreshing, and invigorating. The blueberries added a smooth drink ability to the mix.

What are you tasting?


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