2 Year Anniversary of Juicing Health Benefits and my Vitamix!

We are celebrating 2 years of juicing, smoothies, and a healthy lifestyle here at Juicing Health Benefits!  I can hardly believe that it has been that long since I began this juicing and blending journey.  I am even more impressed with the awesome condition my Vitamix is still in after heavy use for 2 years!  Amazing!

I am immensely grateful for my husband’s support over the past few years.  This adventure has had many ups and downs and I’m very fortunate to have someone who would never let me quit.

Huge thanks to my family and friends who have also supported me with encouraging words, spreading my posts on Facebook, and trying new concoctions for me.  I appreciate all your love and kind actions.

Many thanks to you!  Whether you are a loyal 2 year fan or a brief visitor, I am lucky to have you here.  You are the real reason I write and I look forward to hearing more about what you want to read.  Leave me a comment or just say hi!

A couple of years ago I never would have imagined how this all would look.  I honestly thought I might reach a handful of people and quietly do my thing, but as luck would have it, I’m reaching that many a day plus more!  So I’ve jotted down some ideas below about what things have changed and what changes should be made to continuously improve.  Again, I’d love to hear what you think!  Leave me a comment below.

How I’ve changed over the last 2 years

  • Increased focused on my own health
  • I am no longer ashamed to admit I like smoothies better than juicing
  • Learned an amazing amount about nutrition, diets, organic labels, and our broken food system and really found passion in uncovering the truth behind what we believe
  • My writing tone has changed as i’ve left the corporate world and entered a more free, yet more chaotic career path
  • Accidentally accomplished something on the bucket list – I’ve been published 🙂
  • tried new things just so i can post about them for you.  Most days I like being the guinea pig, but sometimes it’s a challenge when I’m craving something else.
  • My son will not die from one cupcake or sucker, however he makes better eating choices because I’ve consistently exposed him to a healthy lifestyle

Things I want to do better in the next 2 years

  • Connect with you more, stop lecturing and learn from you too
  • Expand my education on nutrition and how to stay healthy
  • Deliver more! (products, contests, giveaways, and advice)
  • Get more organized – including my website design
  • Be more_____________
    • loud, opinionated, fun, genuine, empathetic, confident
  • Try new things!  There is still so much out there I want to experiment with.
  • Continue to focus on the importance of local, organic foods

It has been a terrific 2 years with you and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Keep Juicing On!

Christine Stummer

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